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Thomas Schalch


since 2018Associate Professor, University of Leicester
2012-2018SNF Professor, University of Geneva
2010-2012Research Investigator, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2006-2010Postdoctoral Fellow, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
2004-2006Postdoctoral Fellow, ETH Zurich


2004Ph.D. in Natural Sciences, ETH Zurich
1999Diploma in Biology, ETH Zurich


2012-2018Swiss National Science Foundation Professorship
2007-2010Human Frontiers in Science Program Fellowship
2006-2007EMBO Post-doctoral Fellowship
2005ETH Award / Medal for exceptional PhD thesis

Selected publications

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  • Leopold K., Stirpe A. and Schalch, T. (2019). Transcriptional gene silencing requires dedicated interaction between HP1 protein Chp2 and chromatin remodeler Mit1. Genes & Development, Published in Advance, doi: 10.1101/gad.320440.11. Open Access Article
  • Ekundayo, B., Richmond, T.J., and Schalch, T. (2017). Capturing structural heterogeneity in chromatin fibers. Journal of Molecular Biology 429, 3031-3042. free article, doi, UNIGE archives
  • Job, G., Brugger, C., Xu, T., Lowe, B.R., Pfister, Y., Qu, C., Shanker, S., Baños Sanz, J.I., Partridge, J.F. and Schalch, T. (2016). SHREC Silences Heterochromatin via Distinct Remodeling and Deacetylation Modules. Molecular Cell, 62, 207–221. Article
  • Kuscu, C., Zaratiegui, M., Kim, H.S., Wah, D.A. Martienssen, R.A., Schalch, T. and Joshua-Tor, L.(2014). CRL4-like Clr4 Complex in Schizosaccharomyces Pombe Depends on an Exposed Surface of Dos1 for Heterochromatin Silencing. PNAS, 111, 1795-1800. Article
  • Schalch, T., Job, G., Shanker, S , Partridge, J. F., Joshua-Tor, L. (2011). The Chp1-Tas3 core is a multifunctional platform critical for gene silencing by RITS. Nature Structural and Molecular Biology 18, 1351–7. Article
  • Schalch, T., Job, G., Noffsinger, V. J., Shanker, S., Kuscu, C., Joshua-Tor, L., and Partridge, J. F. (2009). High-affinity binding of Chp1 chromodomain to K9 methylated histone H3 is required to establish centromeric heterochromatin. Molecular Cell 34, 36–46. Article
  • Schalch, T., Duda, S., Sargent, D. F., and Richmond, T. J. (2005). X-ray structure of a tetranucleosome and its implications for the chromatin fibre. Nature 436, 138–41. Article
  • Dorigo, B., Schalch, T., Kulangara, A., Duda, S., Schroeder, R. R., and Richmond, T. J. (2004). Nucleosome arrays reveal the two-start organization of the chromatin fiber. Science 306, 1571–3. Article
  • Dorigo, B., Schalch, T., Bystricky, K., and Richmond, T. J. (2003). Chromatin fiber folding: requirement for the histone H4 N-terminal tail. Journal of Molecular Biology 327, 85–96. Article